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House hunting?

  • It's hard to do it without help.
  • You may end up overlooking properties better suited to your lifestyle.
  • Worse, you may end up paying too much for a subpar property.

We're experts at it

  • We're real estate property experts ready to assist you from start to finish.
  • Our expertise will help you find the home you've always dreamed of.
  • Even better, you'll have a hassle-free house hunting experience.

What we do

  • Fifth Avenue Properties works with industry leaders to provide clients with the best experience in real estate.
  • Whether you're looking a condominium in Kelowna, BC or want a single-family housing unit for your new family in Calgary, we're the real estate experts who can help you find them.

Buy the right home with the right team

Fifth Avenue Properties is an award-winning group with extensive experience and expertise over housing markets in Kelowna and Calgary in Canada, as well as Arizona in the U.S.We use this expertise to helping you build and find quality homes for your future.

Don't pass up the perfect home

With the help of real estate experts at Fifth Avenue Properties, you can find the best developments and properties that suit your lifestyle.

Why Fifth Avenue Properties

  • Award-winning real estate company.
  • Lead by experts in commercial and residential real estate.
  • Partners with industry leaders to provide the best client experience.
  • A portfolio that covers a wide range of properties, from residential buildings to resort properties.
  • Helped over 1,300 families find their dream home.
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